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Spacious Reception area

Dr. Jain's friendly medical staff is expertly trained and dedicated to the care and comfort of their patients. The office has four medical assistants who are always willing to assist you with any of your questions or medical needs. They promptly, efficiently, and politely return your call within 24 hours. Same day appointments for urgent problems are available.

The Office

Our office is  conveniently located on Highway 88, in downtown Hephzibah just outside of Augusta Ga. Previously a place of worship, it is situated on a lot with ample parking. Dr. and Mrs. Jain decided the vacant building of 3000 square feet would be a perfect place to convert into a medical practice. The office's large reception area offers comfortable seating for our patients,  televised entertainment and an array of informative magazines for every age to enjoy. Our back office has multiple well equipped exam rooms with informative material for your reading pleasure. This family practice has the latest equipment to aid in the care of you and your family's health needs. We have proudly been labeled the best of the best in Hephzibah healthcare. 


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