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Medical / Surgical Services

We are a full service medical center which covers every aspect of medical care for your entire family. 

Medical Conditions

  • Anxiety/Depression/Pain

  • Complete Family Health Care

  • Diabetes

  • Hypertension

  • Gynecological exams

  • Pap smear, Endometrial Biopsy

  • Birth Control

  • Erectile Dysfunction (Injections or Pills)

  • Heart Disease

  • Hormone shots (Testosterone, Estradiol)

  • Hormone Pellets (Testosterone, Estradiol)

  • Cortisone Shots, Antibiotic Shots, Tetanus Shot

  • Full Lab Services – we draw labs in our own office and send them to Labcorp

  • X-rays, Ultrasound, Echocardiogram, Stress Testing

  • Infrared Heat Coagulator to treat Hemorrhoids painlessly in office  

  • TB Skin Test

  • Physicals – DOT/Preventive/College/Sports/Annual/Job 

  • Skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, etc

  • STD's

  • Stop Smoking

  • Cardiac Testing Package

  • Hair loss treatment 

Surgical Procedures

  • Breast biopsy, breast cyst aspiration

  • Callus, corns, moles, and wart Removal

  • Care of boils, cysts, lacerations

  • Ear lobe repair

  • Endometrial biopsy, cervical biopsy

  • Fractures and cast

  • Foreign body removal from eyes, ears etc.

  • Hemorrhoid treatment, painless with Infrared Heat Coagulation

  • Ingrown toe nail removal

  • IUD removal/Birth Control Implant Removal

  • Skin Biopsy

  • Skin cancer removal

  • Splints/Casts for Simple Fractures

  • Suturing and Wound Care

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